Scandia Lutheran Accessibility Project

We have completed all three accessibility project phases. We are now fully ADA compliant. There are three phases to the Accessibility project.

  • Phase One (Complete):
    • Lowering of the Library floor, widening of the Door way and stairs to the west, Removal of the North wall of the Library.,
  • Phase Two (Complete):
    • Installation of a Wheel Chair Lift on the West stairs from the interior ramp to the Narthex
  • Phase Three (Complete):
    • Installation of a Wheel Chair Lift from the basement to the Fellowship Hall.

Your donations were greatly appreciated. Thank you to everyone who made this dream a reality. 

The Library Enterance before the work started.

Pancakes 9:00 AM
Sunday School 9:15 AM
Worship 10:30 AM


11/28/2021     10:30 AM


12/05/2021     10:30 AM


12/12/2021     10:30 AM

Church Council

12/15/2021     7:30 AM


12/19/2021     10:30 AM