Scandia Lutheran Accessibility Project

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We are currently remodeling the stairs and communion room to improve accessibility to the church. There are three phases to the Accessibility project.

  • Phase One (Complete):
    • Lowering of the Library floor, widening of the Door way and stairs to the west, Removal of the North wall of the Library.,
  • Phase Two (Complete):
    • Installation of a Wheel Chair Lift on the West stairs from the interior ramp to the Narthex
  • Phase Three (In progress):
    • Installation of a Wheel Chair Lift from the basement to the Fellowship Hall.

Your donations would be greatly appreciated.

please mail any donations to

Scandia Lutheran Church

PO Box 147

Centerville, SD 57014

The Library Enterance before the work started.

Worship 10:30 AM


10/04/2020     10:30 AM


10/11/2020     10:30 AM


10/18/2020     10:30 AM


10/25/2020     10:30 AM


11/01/2020     10:30 AM