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Scandia Lutheran has been blessed with a very modern, up to date library. 

They have several hundred Christian books for adults, youth, children and toddlers.

The library is located on the south end of the Fellowship hall and some childrens books at the back of the Church. There is resource room in the Fellowship Hall with Teaching aids, devotions and Bible helpsWe have several Devotional books that can be used for Bridal Shower devotions in this area. There are also books that have a lot of ideas for Sunday School or Bible School devotions, crafts or projects.
In the main library there is an adult section, a youth or teen sectiona childrens section and a toddler section with small hard cover books for the little readers. Books are checked out on the honor system.
We also have a video section with VCR and DVD's for adults and children.  
There are cassette tapes in this area that include the complete Bible on tape.
We have a Children's Summer Reading Program each year. 
Any child that reads or watches the required number of books, tapes or DVD's is rewarded in the Fall with a certificate and a monetary gift.  The WELCA furnishes the monetary gift.
The books are purchased with generous memorials.  We also have books (in excellent condition) donated by members of the congregation when they are finished with them.  We also receive free books with Crossroads receipts.  So please turn in your receipts to one of the Librarians!

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