From the Pastor from Scandia Lutheran Church

"Gather in Faith, Celebrate God's Love, and Serve in Jesus' Name".

Sounds simple, but in the real world is very challenging.

Gathering in faith is more than showing up for worship on a Sunday morning and spending an hour with your friends. Gathering in faith is a commitment that is made every day of our lives as we live out our faith and worship our God through our every action and our every word. Gathering in faith means that the one thing we have in common with the entire church around the world is our faith in a God who loves us so much that he was willing to live, suffer, die and be resurrected so that we would not have to die in our sin. As we gather in faith we confess that it is not by our own strength or power that we receive this gift, but only through the blood of Jesus our Lord. That's what gathering in faith means.

Celebrating God's love is similar. Celebrating God's love goes way beyond being happy when things go right, it means showing the world that even when life gets difficult and we don't feel like celebrating, God's love can still be a celebration. It is not the situation which we celebrate but it is the love given to us at no cost that is celebrated.

Serving in Jesus' name ties all this together. We serve God with our very existence and it is the gathering and celebrating that allows us to go into the world to serve. No act of service is too small and no act of service is too big, and these big and small acts are our response to the love we celebrate and they are the reason we gather.

So I invite you to, whether you are a "member"  at Scandia or an honored guest, to come "Gather, Celebrate, and Serve" our Lord with us as together we live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ with every breath we take.

God bless you as you serve.

Pastor Mark Eliason

Pancakes 9:00 AM
Sunday School 9:15 AM
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